Our experienced service department will keep your bridge saw, CNC, and other stone fabrication equipment in top condition. Our technicians are highly skilled and have years of experience, love what they do, and care about your equipment.

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At BridgeSaw.com we don’t send a guy out that occasionally works on cars and thinks he knows a thing or two about mechanics!

If you hire BridgeSaw.com, that’s who you get.  We send an experienced machine repair specialist that has in-depth knowledge of your stone fabrication equipment – pneumatics, hydraulics and electrical components.  A technician that understands how important your equipment is to your success and knows how to fix it the right way, every time.

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BridgeSaw.com offers priority service to our customers with production completely stopped due to a machine down. Depending on your location, we can usually have a technician on site within 24 hours of an emergency call.

Customers who take advantage of our Maintenance Plans are also given top priority. In other situations, we work closely with you to determine a time frame that suits you best.

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What if you have two different pieces of equipment that need repair . . . let’s say a Park Industries Wizard and a GMM Bridge Saw?  Time to call two different manufacturers, each only repairs their own equipment.

BridgeSaw.com can service any make, any model.

Working on different machines on a regular basis keeps us sharp and up-to-date on new equipment, changes that could affect your production, and safety issues that may affect your equipment.

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Just like the new machines BridgeSaw.com sells, we stand behind our service work 100%.  If your machine isn’t fixed, we aren’t satisfied.  We will do whatever it takes to complete the job we were hired to do. We don’t give up.  Period.

When it comes to working with your fabrication equipment, many things could go wrong. Why trust a company to work with your expensive equipment and in your facility knowing that they don’t have insurance to protect you if something does?  BridgeSaw.com is fully insured for work relating to repair and installation of your stone fabrication equipment.

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